Software and Actuarial programs

We have developed different provisional models that taking into account different demographic-economic and financial scenarios enable the preparation and draft of the Technical Actuarial Balance based on the methods of the stochastic simulation (MAGIS) and of the so-called “averages values”.

Our models offer technical and functional customized solutions. These can be assembled ad hoc, depending on the client’s specific requests and needs. Main features of the models:

  • Easy to use
  • High flexibility
  • Integration with standard environment
  • Easy installation of the periodical updating
  • Accessible on the web with different type of devices.

These models have a knowledge-base structured on:

  • personal data of the entitles (working or retired people)
  • demographic technical basis obtained from the internal data available to the Fund/Body or to external sources.

More input data work as a variable able to influence the calculation of the contributions, the future liabilities and the equity revenues. In particular:

  • Income increase dynamics,
  • Seniority of contributions,
  • Variation in the tables of mortality rates,
  • Inflation trends and macroeconomic magnitude,
  • Retirement requirements,
  • Quantity and distribution of the new entries,
  • Other parameters influencing the level of performance (e.g. Rates of the survivor pension).