Provisional Models – io-ATTUARIO

It consists of: io-ATTUARIO®, SIMULA BIL-TEC®, and SELF BIL-TEC®.

The first module, io-ATTUARIO®, evaluates the solvency of the Fund/body, taking into account the revenue from contributions, the return on equity, and the expenditure for services. It also analyses the impact of laws and regulations modifications and/or the variations depending on different demographic-economic and financial hypothesis.

The second module, SELF BIL-TEC®, integrates io-ATTUARIO® to draft the technical actuarial balance of the Fund/body, interacting with editing and spreadsheets programs.

The third module, SIMULA BIL-TEC®  can identify the distribution of probability of the liabilities over the years, depending on the liability driven investing; it can also identify the most convenient investment portfolio, based on its due date and rate risk, consistent with the liabilities structure to support the balance of the Fund/Body.

This module can also be used to support individuals registered with the Fund/body to calculate the amount of the pension at his/her retirement, and make the necessary adjustment by defining an income/performance replacement index, in case the amount of the basic performance needs an integration.