Reserved activity:

Auditing, motor-vehicle and life insurance actuary.
Life Insurance:

  • Appraisal of the insurance companies,
  • Calculation of the embedded value and of the appraisal value of insurance and reinsurance companies,
  • Calculation of the fair value of insurance and reinsurance portfolios,
  • Appraisal of the technical provisions,
  • Appraisal of insurance portfolios,
  • Development of new products and analysis of their profitability,
  • Quantitative models for asset & liability management and for dynamic financial analysis (DFA)
  • IAS application support,
  • Designing and functional analysis of life-insurance portfolios migration from one management system to another,
  • Development of technical basis for pricing,
  • Auditing support.

Non-Life Insurance:

  • Verification and calculation of the claims reserves (IBNER AND IBNR) and of other technical reserves of the non-life insurance service (Premium reserves,
  • Outstanding risks reserves, Ageing reserves, Tax equalisation reserves),
  • Appraisal of the Fair Value of the structured securities,
  • Pricing activity aimed at defining new tariff and verification of the adequacy of the tariff in force in the motor-vehicle and in other non-life insurances,
  • Support to management audit/internal audit of different class of insurance, and in particular for the motor-vehicle insurance,
  • Support in the preparation of the paperworks required by the Supervisory authority, verification of their compliance with the insurance registrar,
  • Actuarial support for planning and balance,
  • Support in the preparation of the technical balance sheet (US GAAP),
  • Consultancy on balance-sheets, start-ups business plan (first years of activity),
  • Identification of the reinsurance strategy.